5 months left! (And 5 reasons why you should utilize Omnitracs XRS ELD’s)

Omnitracs XRS, ELD Mandate

We are now 5 months away from the compliance date for the ELD Mandate requiring all commercial motor vehicles that travel in the United States to have electronic logging devices (ELDs). As many trucking companies have been doing, you are likely exploring your options and comparing a number of different vendor’s technologies, features and associated costs. Somewhere along the line you may start thinking “I don’t know how to select a vendor. There are just so many and they all seem the same!”.

We understand this thinking and as a result we always encourage our customers to consider a variety of factors before coming to their ELD selection decision. If you are looking to purchase ELDs and are wondering why you’d choose Omnitracs XRS, you’ve come to the right place. Read below for 5 reasons why you should utilize Omnitracs XRS ELD’s in your fleet!

  1. Omnitracs is a credible provider - Omnitracs has a track record of meeting compliance standards for all of their devices and software. They are widely-used and trusted by fleets, drivers and DOT officers which saves you time training drivers and at roadside checks. Additionally, Omnitracs is not here to take advantage of the mandate and has been producing E-Logs for over 15 years.

  2. Omnitracs has award winning customer support - XRS customers have access to 24/7 customer support through both their hotline and email. In addition, you will receive individual training in the Omnitracs University for both managers and drivers. Have a question? Cruise through the online Knowledge Base on both your Host Website and XRS Drivers App for access to thousands of articles, videos and downloadable .pdfs!

  3. Omnitracs XRS is dependable and easy to use - The XRS platform is extremely robust, dependable and easy to use. You will not have to worry if your ELD will be experiencing glitches or service outages. Each XRS Relay comes with a laminated Omnitracs XRS Law Enforcement Cab Card that can be presented to law enforcement personnel upon request and gives a basic outline of how to navigate the app to find the required information.

  4. Omnitracs XRS is affordable - With low monthly plans starting at just $23 per vehicle per month, Omnitracs XRS represents one of the most affordable ELD options in the market. Depending on your fleet’s setup, even if you need to procure mobile devices and mounting equipment, the upfront costs are often just a fraction of many other options. Need assistance with device procurement? Click here to ask about our XRS equipment kits.

  5. Omnitracs XRS has four feature packed plans to choose from - Most companies are looking for ELD compliance, but not all ELD’s will be one-size-fits-all. That is why Omnitracs XRS offers four unique plans with a variety of fleet performance enhancing features. If you are interested in adding trip management, fleet performance metrics and automated IFTA reporting we have a plan for that too.

Want to see a comprehensive list of the plans and their features? Click here for our XRS Plans Page