Omnitracs XRS FAQ

Omnitracs XRS FAQ

Considering a mobile solution for the ELD Mandate? Let TransReport answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about Omnitracs XRS.

Omnitracs XRS: Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions by North American fleets when it comes to mobile electronic logging devices and the Omnitracs XRS solution.

Why would I use a mobile Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

Omnitracs XRS is a great product for fleets looking for a low cost of entry and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) hardware model. Many carriers already supply their driver pool with mobile phones or provide a monthly credit towards their driver’s phone plans. Mobile devices give drivers maximum flexibility as they can utilize the device outside of the cab to complete DVIRs, acquire customer signatures and capture images of documents to send to home office. Providing mobile devices can also be a great way to help drivers stay connected with their family and friends during their off duty time and assist in improving their quality of life on the road.

What types of mobile devices work with the XRS application?

The XRS App is compatible with smart phones and data enabled tablets operating on both the Windows and Android operating systems. For a complete list of compatible Omnitracs XRS devices click here.

Do I have to buy a new mobile device for each of my drivers or can they use their own?

Some companies prefer to issue company devices to their drivers and bulk phone/tablet purchases can be made to support the XRS technology. Many companies find that providing a company device is their best option and that it can offer their drivers many additional benefits while on the road. Alternatively, if your drivers already have a compatible mobile device, the XRS app can simply be pushed to their personal phone or tablet.

Is buying mobile devices for my fleet of trucks going to be expensive?

With most wireless companies you are able to acquire smart phones for $0 with a two-year plan. If you would prefer to utilize data enabled tablets, easy pay plans can help to spread to tablet cost over the life of your contract and make it a very affordable option.

The majority of my driver pool are older and aren’t technically savvy. Is the app easy to use?

The XRS application is extremely intuitive, easy to use and functions similarly to many popular apps seen today. To ensure your drivers are comfortable with XRS each driver will go online to Omnitracs University for training where they learn everything from how to log in to how to send a form message back to home office. From the apps main screen there is one-touch access to the XRS Knowledge Base containing step-by-step guidance for operating the app if a driver requires more information.

How much data does the XRS app use each month?

How much data you accrue each month with XRS will vary based on the type of use. Usage will increase if you chose to consistently utilize form messaging, include images or increase the frequency that information is transmitted from the mobile device to the XRS cloud. In general, regular monthly usage consumption is between 20 and 30MB per device per month.

What about data plans? I thought U.S. roaming could be extremely expensive!

The cost of data has decreased drastically in Canada over the last few years. Share everything plans and flex shared data plans allow a large amount of data to be spread across a number of devices. Roaming data plans have also been simplified. For example, Rogers offers a Roam like Home plan for roaming in the U.S. whereby roaming charges at capped at $5 per day per device for a maximum of 10 days a month. This means the most you can accrue in roaming charges is $50.

I have tried issuing company mobile devices in the past only for my drivers to abuse the privilege and make long distance calls and stream regularly. How do I prevent this from happening again?

We realize that mobile devices can often be used for purposes they were not intended for during off-duty time however there are many ways to prevent this type of scenario from occurring. Mobile device management companies can assist you in enabling controls on your company mobile devices, from app restrictions to remote device wiping. One such company is Soti. Contact Abed Turjuman, Strategic Account Manager for more information about mobile device management. 1-905-624-9828 

What happens if a driver leaves my company? How do I remove their access to the app?

If a driver uses their own mobile device and leaves your company, removing their access to the XRS application is extremely simple. Switching the driver to inactive in your XRS web services account will instantly remove their access.

Where should drivers put the device while driving and will it drain the devices battery quickly?

This is a question we get regularly. Most new mobile devices have excellent battery life but it is important to remember that XRS is a working tool and is constantly sending updates to the XRS cloud. We recommend that when your drivers are driving they have the device connected to a power source. Additionally, as per the ELD Mandate, portable ELDs are required to mounted in a fixed position and visible to the driver in their normal sitting position during the operation of the commercial motor vehicle.

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