Your Guide to Buying an Electronic Logging Device

Guide to Buying an Electronic Logging Device

The ELD Mandate has been published and companies across Canada are beginning to look into their options for electronic logging devices (ELDs). With many companies advertising their ELD solutions to carriers, it is important that your do your due diligence before committing to a provider. Determining the needs of your fleet is a great place to start when making this selection. Though the main purpose of the ELD mandate is to increase safety and to ensure compliance with driver hours of service (HOS), many ELD providers are offering carriers a vast array of tools aimed at improving their fleet’s performance. GPS tracking, routing, driver scanning and electronic signatures and simplified IFTA reporting are just a few of the features that can be included.

ELD Mobile Solutions

Each carrier should carefully analyze which ELD model is right them as they search for a compliant ELD solution. While traditional on-board computers are the most common type available and offer a near tamper proof, robust solution they can have substantial upfront costs. Mobile solutions, which allow fleets to leverage their existing phones and tablets rather than being required to buy the more expensive on-board options, are also available. Mobile devices offer high resolution cameras, pinch and zoom touch screens, voice and more, giving fleets multiple leverage points.

Whether you are looking for a solution that ensures your compliance with FMCSA regulations or are looking for a wider range of features to increase profitability and improve the performance of your drivers; it pays to be educated. The following white paper “The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electronic Logging Device” was published by and covers many important points that carriers should think about before purchasing an ELD. For more information about Omnitracs XRS mobile electronic logging devices, contact us today!