Permishare Permit Books

Centralize your compliance data and permits
Set and monitor expiring permits, licences and other documents
Digitize driver permit books via a secure mobile app
Limit unnecessary face to face interaction
Gain complete visibility into document viewing and sharing

Compliance, without the hassel

Updating a typical paper permit book requires you to have printed documents ready and your driver and truck to be at your home terminal. With trucks being dispatched around the clock, timing this hand off can be a constant challenge. PermiShare’s solution addresses this by removing manual processes associated with managing paper and gives drivers a digital copy of select documents in a secure mobile app. Meet your e-permit book!

Permishare Dashboard

Permit Books, Organized

Make accessing documents easy and intuitive with separate tabs for driver, corporate and asset related documentation.

Permishare Dashboard

Find Your Active Asset

With PermiShare’s active asset feature, drivers select a unit # and instantly access relevant permits and documents. Search – find – select = instant access to permits.

Permishare Dashboard

Offline Access

Worried about areas without cell reception? Permits are downloaded & stored locally within the mobile application. No dead zone permit compliance issues!

Paperless from the office to the highway

Digitize driver permit books and manage permit compliance from the office to the highway. Controlled from your compliance portal PermiShare delivers affordable efficiency to your entire team.

Permishare Paperless

Permishare Dashboard

Digital DQ Files

PermiShares compliance portal allows you to create digital driver qualification files.

Permishare Dashboard

Choose Document Visibility

Back-office administrators determine which permits & documents drivers have access to by toggling App Access. Select or unselect App Access to instantly provide or remove driver visibility to selected permits.

Permishare Dashboard

Automated Alerts

Set issue and expiry dates for each digital permit or document. Automated alerts provide dashboard and email reminders to compliance staff. Keep your permits current and your drivers permit books updated in real time.

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