Omnitracs Trailer Tracks TT150

Omnitracs TT150
Monitor trailer and container status and location in near real-time
Increase Asset and Cargo Security
Reduce Wasted Fuel Searching For Trailers
Integration With Existing Dispatch Software
Automated Email Alerts Based on Customized Conditions
Easy Peel and Stick Installation

TransReport Services is making it easy for you to track your trailers and keep your cargo safe at all times with Omnitracs Trailer Tracks 150. Our partnership with Omnitracs, an industry leader in technology for the transportation industry, gives you access to a cost-effective solution that increases the visibility of your trailers location and status while also preventing the loss of your trailers and cargo.

The Omnitracs Trailer Tracks 150 (TT150) lets you leverage your Omnitracs Platform Investment with a Low-Cost Tracking Solution

There is no need to learn a new user interface or different login with Trailer Tracks 150, as it is fully integrated with the Omnitracs product suite. The fast and easy peel and stick installation ensures transparency of your fleets trailer locations.

How Does Omnitracs TT150 Work?

Install the TT150 onto your fleets trailers in minutes and immediately begin to reap the benefits. Trailer Tracks 150 will help you reduce on-duty hours spent searching for trailers, decrease trailer idle time and eliminate the number of incorrect trailer pick ups.

TT150 Major Features

Location reporting in the US, Canada, and Mexico
Integration with Omnitracs services suite
Configurable reporting, including automated alerts
Trailer inventory by landmark
Over-the-air firmware updates
Geo-fencing capabilities

Easy TT150 Installation

Installing the TT150 technology can be completed in just minutes

TT150 is a light 0.9 lb unit installed directly on your trailer
Add your TT150 inventory to your Omnitracs customer portal seamlessly

Optimize Your Trailer Pool

With TT150, you know the location of your trailers at all times

Better oversight of your trailer fleet
Ability to match your supply and demand trends
Free up trailers to take on additional business

Eliminate Driver Hunt

By utilizing Trailer Tracks you will know where your trailers are at all times

Keeps your drivers on the road with the right trailer for each job
No more searching for trailers
Saves your fleet time and fuel

Considering Omnitracs TT150 as a solution to your trailer tracking and cargo securement needs? Give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.