The TransReport Advantage

The TransReport Advantage

Trucking fleets are burdened with complex regulatory compliance responsibilities when operating as an interjurisdictional carrier. From plating and licensing to permitting and reporting, the reality is that failing to effectively manage your fleets compliance responsibilities can negatively impact your company’s success.

What separates us from a typical compliance company or transactional permitting agency? We Build Relationships.

If there is one thing that we know, it’s that change is constant. Since our establishment over 25 years ago we have witnessed countless regulatory compliance changes. Throughout all of these changes we have worked closely with our customers to provide them with innovate fleet management solutions that protect their fleets compliance now and for years to come.

Our solutions give you:

Step 1 - Performance
Step One

1. Expertise Not Available In-House

Managing your fleets regularly compliance can be an overwhelming task and hiring an employee in-house with compliance knowledge is both challenging and costly. As a result many companies do not take their regulatory compliance seriously, addressing their challenges only once a problem has occurred. TransReport gives you access to expertise that is not available in house. Our solutions allow you to allocate your internal resources to what makes your company successful and have your employees focus on your core operations.

Step 2 - Costs
Step Two

2. Lowered Operating Costs

Maintaining a fleet’s regulatory compliance requires expertise and vigilant monitoring. While there are some aspects of compliance that must be managed in-house, many areas can be effectively outsourced to ensure your fleet is efficient and adequately protected. We eliminate expensive delays in vehicle plating and permitting, fines and roadside detentions from non-compliance as well as the costly price of employees. Our solutions save your company money and resources.

Step 3 - Streamlined
Step Three

3. Streamlined Processes

All of our fleet management solutions are aimed at streamlining processes: from vehicle licensing to fleet tax management. Many fleets struggle with efficient organization, maintenance and management of their regulatory compliance. That is why our solutions not only remove that burden but also speed up and improve the way in which future processes occur.

Step 4 - Forward
Step Four

4. A Forward Thinking Partner

The rapid adoption of technology in the trucking industry and the constantly changing nature of regulations means you always need to be looking ahead to what’s next. This is where we thrive! We are passionate about providing fleet management solutions and products to the trucking industry that solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our membership in NATSA - the North American Transportation Services Association - ensures we stay ahead of the ever changing regulatory landscape and keep our customers informed.

Step 5 - Protection
Step Five

5. Fleet Protection

Recent changes to the FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System have created total transparency of a motor carriers safety data. Your fleet’s level of commitment, or lack thereof, to safety and regulatory compliance is now publically available. That means your customers, shippers, and insurers get a 24-month window into your fleets safety and compliance. TransReport customers have access to a portfolio of solutions and products that can help protect your fleet now and for years to come.