Introducing Omnitracs Critical Event Video (CEV)

Omnitracs Critical Event Video (CEV)

TransReport Services Inc. is pleased to announce another expansion to its Omnitracs fleet management product portfolio with Omnitracs Critical Event Video (CEV)! Companies utilizing the Omnitracs XRS platform can now leverage their current investment by utilizing a fully intergraded video solution. CEV is a powerful tool with tangible benefits at a price that finally makes sense.

Omnitracs is a global pioneer of innovative software and SaaS fleet management solutions serving the transportation industry. As an exclusive Omnitracs Authorized Reseller, TransReport Services delivers fleet management products and compliance services to help maintain regulatory compliance, meet the ELD mandate, track your trailers and have access to both road and driver facing video. We provide these products and services all in an effort to improve your fleets safety and reduce operating costs.

Equipping your fleet with Critical Event Video ensures that you see for yourself what actually happened. Risky behavior that is not acceptable can be noticed sooner and conversations with those drivers will likely be much shorter. And in the event of an actual critical event, your driver will have a silent witness to accurately and definitively recount cause and effect.

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