Ontario IRP: 3 Tips To Plate Your Trucks Fast

In the trucking industry, time is money and when it comes to Ontario International Registration Plan (IRP) transactions there are no exceptions. While some Ontario IRP transactions can be straightforward it only takes a small issue such as a missed signature field or a forgotten document to put a halt on the processing of your IRP paperwork. Downtime related to slow Ontario IRP transactions can cost you thousands of dollars each day in missed revenue however these types of issues can be avoided by following a few simple best practices. Read below for top our 3 tips (and 3 bonus tips) on how to minimize downtime associated with IRP plating your trucks in Ontario.

1.    Have Ontario IRP paperwork in order

It cannot be overemphasized how important this point is. As a person or company gains experience with Ontario IRP transactions, they will become familiar with the exact documents required for each type of transaction. If your current strategy is to put together the information and documents you have on hand, submit them and then wait to hear back from an IRP program office to inform you of what you are missing, you are doing yourself a great disservice. A busy Ontario IRP office may take a number of business days to start processing your application and having to put things on hold due to a preventable issue such as a missing bill of sale or lease document can add significant downtime. If you ensure your paperwork is in order prior to submitting your application and seek clarification when you are unsure, you can have your trucks on the road and making money faster.

Bonus tip – Utilize a trucking industry specific compliance tool such as PermiShare. PermiShare is a secure, web-based compliance software that assists companies with maintaining a compliant fleet. Users can easily store documents related to a particular driver, vehicle or the corporation itself and quickly recall them from anywhere when required (Ontario IRP transactions, renewals, etc.). PermiShare also includes a companion mobile app for drivers so they can access their compliance credentials and share them to law enforcement as required.

2.    Coordinate effectively

When adding a new truck to your fleet, timelines matter (remember, time is money!). New additions to your fleet should not catch your team by surprise as there is typically a number of weeks from signing for and obtaining the truck. Use this time wisely. Obtain a timeline on when you can expect signed copies of all paperwork from the dealership or seller. If you’ve purchased an older used truck, schedule the emissions test on the day it arrives to your yard so you can ensure this document is available to complete the Ontario IRP transaction the same day. With effective coordination and planning you can have your newest truck plated and on the road significantly faster than if you waited until it was in your yard and becomes a pressing issue.

Bonus tip – Contact your local Ontario IRP office before you have an upcoming transaction to check on their workload and appointment availability for the coming week. If the office you deal with is constantly busy, working around their current demands will not only be appreciated, it will can save you a day or two of downtime.

3.    Keep complete Ontario IRP records

Maintaining records related to IRP transactions is not just good practice, it’s a requirement of the IRP plan. Keeping comprehensive records of bills of sale, lease documents, copies of emissions tests, ownerships, etc. can drastically decrease the submission time for an IRP application. As part of each Ontario IRP transaction, ensure you are scanning and saving all related documents to a cloud-based server so your team can access them when needed to decrease downtime.

Bonus tip – Provide your drivers with a high-resolution copy of the vehicle ownership (in paper form or via a .pdf document) rather than giving them the original paper document. When an IRP transaction is required, you now have the means to complete it instead of having to wait for that truck to return to your yard first.


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