Truck Permit Book Checklist

paper filled binders

There are many names given to the collection of licenses, permits, authorities and documents required to be carried in a commercial motor vehicle. Whether you call it a permit book, DOT binder, vehicle or compliance binder the credentials required to be carried are the same. 

While the concept of a permit book is relatively simple, the importance of presenting law enforcement and inspectors with an organized permit book, either in hard copy or digital format, cannot be overstated. Considering the cost of hefty fines and delays for not maintaining and producing valid permits, company administrators and safety personnel should have a system of checks in place. The recent acceptance of electronic credentials at roadside have allowed motor carriers to begin eliminating most of their paper permits and adopt digital permit books. Digital permit books provide considerable benefits for carrier administrators and drivers alike. Click here to learn how digital permit books can benefit you.

As we head into the New Year and you prepare to compile and distribute 2022 permits, we’ve created a helpful list of some of the most common permits that should be kept in a commercial motor vehicle permit book.

Annual inspection

Annual Inspection Sticker (Decal) on your power unit and trailer, proof of inspection document.

Certificate of Insurance 

Evidence of liability insurance (form MCS-90 in the U.S.)

ELD Law Enforcement Cab Card / Instructions 

Written instructions on how to operate your electronic logging device. The DOT mandates these must be kept inside your truck and presented during an inspection.

FMCSA Operating Authority

Provides evidence of the carrier’s authority to engage in transportation as a common or contract carrier by motor vehicle.

Hazmat Permits

Proof of Hazardous Materials Registration where applicable (federal and state)

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) License

A copy of the company IFTA licence for the current year.

International Registration Plan (IRP) cab card

A copy of the vehicle specific Apportioned Cab Card.

IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

2290 Tax Paid Schedule 1 (stamped by the IRS)

New Jersey Certificate

New Jersey has a tough approach to enforcement and has a history of detaining vehicles and drivers that are unable to provide a copy of a Certificate of Authority.

New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Permit

If you haul within or through New Mexico and have a registered gross vehicle weight over 26,000lbs you’ll need to register for a pay weight distance tax. Proof of New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Registration may be carried.

New York Highway Use Tax (HUT) Permit

New York Highway Use Tax Decal (NY-HUT) affixed to the vehicle in the location specified or temporary permit. A certificate of registration is required to be carried 

Operators Canadian National Safety Code Certificate

As issued by the base jurisdiction

Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier

Effective September 26, 2019, Oregon no longer issues weight receipts to vehicles subject to weight-mile tax and therefore there is nothing to carry in the truck. However, you want to ensure your vehicle information with Oregon is up to date.

Quebec NEQ

If picking up or delivering in Quebec, Canada.

Rental Agreement

A copy of the rental agreement entered into by the rental agency and the renting motor carrier must be carried on the CMV during the full term of the rental agreement.

Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) Documents

Carry a copy of your Carrier SCAC Codes from National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc.

Truck Ownership / Title

A clear copy in lieu of the original document.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Receipt

A copy of the current year Unified Carrier Registration receipt may be carried as proof of payment.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

U.S. Customs User Fee Transponder & Receipt must be displayed & carried

Vehicle Lease Agreement 

If you are an owner operator or drive a truck not registered under your company’s name, you need a lease agreement. These vary between a single page and multipage contracts. It’s a document listing equipment ownership and lease conditions/terms.

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*Note – this is not an exhaustive list. You should refer to all applicable regulations to ensure your permit book is complete.