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IFTA fuel tax services

IFTA Reporting Services


Although IFTA has helped to simplify permitting and the filing of fuel taxes, the regulations impose comprehensive record-keeping responsibilities on registrants. Individual vehicle distances, fuel purchases and toll highway use records need to be collected, utilized and maintained for four years from the return due date. Additionally, fleet level reporting requires proper segregation and management for accuracy as required by IFTA, IRP, the National Safety Code, insurance and other purposes. Many carriers are unaware of the impact that inaccuracies in their fleet distance and fuel reporting data can have. Increased fuel and mileage taxes, apportioned plate fees and even insurance premiums can all contribute to inflated operating costs.

TransReport offers comprehensive fuel tax reporting services, record-keeping and audit representation service that relieves you of the regulatory compliance burden. We save you money by ensuring you receive full credit for all tax paid fuel purchases and paid toll distance. We audit your trips, reconcile your GPS data and utilize our software to ensure you only pay the minimum tax required. By working with TransReport, you will receive a timely refund when credit is due and be confident in the accuracy of your records.

Boost productivity and profitability of your company by utilizing our fuel tax software reports, provided to each of our customers on a quarterly basis (monthly also available). Whether by truck, fleet level or entire company, the proper retention and management of your fuel and distance data allows you to make more informed business decisions. Our customers receive:

  • Quarterly Fleet Tax Summary's - identify which units in your fleet accrue the most tax
  • Quarterly Individual Unit Tax Summary - easily charge back your owner operators
  • Quarterly Fleet KPL/MPG Report's - address driving behavior to lower fuel costs
  • Quarterly Fleet Distance Summary's - easily update your National Safety Cody (CVOR, etc), MCS-150’s, insurance providers and more!

We help ensure the accuracy of your fleets fuel and distance data, submit your IFTA fuel tax and weight distance tax returns on time and maintain your records to protect you at audit.

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