New Permit Book App Digitizes Compliance

Image of PermiShare mobile app home screen.

TransReport Services Inc is pleased to announce the launch of their new trucking compliance software, PermiShare. The PermiShare platform is a mobile app that serves as a digital driver permit book and provides a cloud-based compliance portal for in-office staff to manage digital documents.

TransReport built this platform as a result of their involvement in the Electronic Credentials Working Group (ECWG), working alongside industry and government representatives to explore, via a pilot project, the viability of allowing motor carrier drivers to carry their “permit book” in a digital format. The study resulted in the legal acceptance of digital copies of IFTA licences and IRP cab cards by enforcement with many other jurisdictions accepting various permits in this format. More information about the PermiShare origin story can be found here.

Update Digital Permit Books Remotely

A digital permit book provides trucking companies with numerous benefits, both for in-house staff and drivers. Updating a paper permit book requires you to have printed documents ready and your driver and truck to be at your home terminal. With trucks being dispatched around the clock, timing this hand off can be a constant challenge. PermiShare’s solution addresses this by removing manual processes associated with managing paper and gives drivers a digital copy of select documents in a the secure PermiShare mobile app.

Paperless from the office to the highway

Digitizing trucking compliance can lead to improved compliance scores, a streamlined driver onboarding experience, as well as enhancements to daily workflows by providing your team with the digital documents they need. Platforms such as PermiShare can also be used to create a digital driver file system to ensure that the correct information and documents are collected, maintained and accessible to all members of your team.

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